Our Story


We started The Book Jar to change the world!!!

Yes, we know that's a bold and somewhat ridiculous statement. 
However, small steps, are indeed steps, and that's exactly what we plan on taking. Steps! 

We're different. We donate 100% of our net profits to the charity, LOVE 21 Foundation

The Book Jar started in March of 2015 by husband and wife team Jeff and Juliana. Together they combine a diverse skill set with a ton of passion. Jeff is a primary teacher and social worker by trade with a knack for story-telling, while Juliana is an experienced architect adding creative flair as TBJ Creative Director. They believe that imagination is the vital component to understanding life and having success in it. And what better way to develop imagination than through creative story books and playtime?!

How did it all start.... ? When their daughter was 3 she drew the first Lila Moore drawing! It was her first sketch of what a girl looked like and of course went straight into a frame!  Jeff was inspired from this and wrote the first book called The Secret Flyers Club Lila Goes to the MOON, which Juliana then transformed into illustrated images.  Together the family loves traveling, having visited 30+ countries, thus Book 2 TSFC Lila Travels the World was written & illustrated.  To extend imaginative play the drawing books and dolls were introduced. TSFC led to The Phenella Series and now their latest addition wUnderFUN! This collection is all about hands on creative play and imaginative thinking! 

Thanks for stopping by The Book Jar Company! 
Come back and come often! I think you'll see a lot of fun and innovative products this year! 

- J, J and E


You can find TBJ collections available in the following shops:

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