My MuSe. My GiRL.

She is only 6, but has an imagination that reaches for the stars! She's very tall for her age, but owns her look with ease. She's my muSe. My GiRL. 

Together we spent the summer eating, looking and journaling our way through smaller towns in Holland. With matching jumpers, comfy scarves and our hats, we explored in our twinning style. She has always loved to draw, but this was her first summer to begin writing. Loving the way she tells stories, I suggested we both keep a summer journal with sketches and stories.  As we journaled our way through the summer, some of my favourite moments were simply sitting, relaxing and writing together. She is #my girl.

I began to sketch a new character. It started with an edgy bob hair cut, with longer bangs hanging to one side, covering one eye.  The open mouth lips that always have something to say, and the faint indication of freckles on her cheeks.  Her favourite dress that once hung below her knees, and now rested just below her tush. She is my GiRL, and suddenly there she was on paper.....

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Juls x