creating wUnderFUN

In creating wUnderFUn the best part was the organic nature of how it all came to be. wUnderFUn is a story, but a different kind of story. It is a kit of parts that began in black and white and transformed into beautiful colors.  In this series there are journals, cards, crowns and pockets that all go together with the character My GiRL. She loves to travel and collect things in her pocket,  writing down what she sees along the way. 

wUnderFUN began with a crown. A crown that needed a story, a name. The crowns are hand woven of the softest baby cashmere merino silk  yarn one could ever imagine. Not just an accessory, but a treasure with a love for travel and seeing the world. As the crown traveled, it realised that it was actually upside down. It started to see all the beauty of the world in vibrant colors. The crown found itself upright and no longer white, but of beautiful colors that reflected those around it in the world.

A big part of developing wUnderFUn was being still and observing what was right there in front of me.   I watched my daughter traveling around Europe this summer looking at all the vibrancy of the world and realised it mimicked how I envisioned The Crown That Was Once Upside DownI started to see a character before me. One with bangs in her eyes, the ever faint sign of freckles on her cheeks, tall for her size, who loved to draw and write and put secret things into her pockets. She came to life on paper as My GiRL. I continued to watch as my daughter wrote and drew her way around Paris, Belgium and Holland capturing things I hadn't even noticed. Writing her own short stories each day of her imaginary pets and their idiosyncrasies.  I knew I wanted a series of blank books for children just starting to enjoy this phase of life.   Thus the My GiRL journals came to be.

I've always been a fan of snail mail. I can count on one hand the number of people I still write with proper letters. It's sadly less than 5. I loved getting real mail as a child and even still now as an adult. This is something that my daughter now also loves to do. She makes the card herself, adds little things to go inside and even makes her own envelopes. It is my hope that the My GiRL cards will inspire kids and friends, both old and young, to reach out with a card and connect the old school way. I love the process of making. All of our MY GiRL books and cards are handmade, even the envelopes!

Stepping back, I was feeling quite good about this new collection wUnderFUN, but I felt there was still something missing. The idea of little pockets with secret things lingered in my mind. It  just seemed like it wanted to be part of the wUnderFUN story too. Thus the wUnderFUn Pocket Crowns were designed. Inspired by the wUnderFUN poem, the pockets are still upside down crowns exploring the world whilst collecting little secret things. Each pocket is hand made with super soft sheepskin and love.

I am a maker, a designer, a creative thinker. I hope wUnderFUN inspires imaginative, creative thinking, journal keeping, tale writing, snail mailing, and wild dancing while sporting a Crown That Was Once Upside Down